Captain Murphy "Between Friends" Ft. Earl Sweatshirt (Dfalt Remix)

Okayfuture Remix: Captain Murphy "Between Friends" Ft. Earl Sweatshirt (Dfalt Remix)

Storm Tropper Cool Dfalt Remix

Dfalt is our boy Jason Drake, a member of the Daylight Curfew crew out of Los Angeles. He made this remix of Captain Murphy “Between Friends” Ft. Earl Sweatshirt, rather ambitious considering the original is produced by Flying Lotus, and is dope as f*ck. Well, we thought it was pretty cool and asked him if we could host it on the Okayfuture Soundcloud. Check it below, as well as a neat animated gif of a sunglass wearing Storm Trooper, say word. Dfalt’s upcoming full length, Helsinki Beat Tape (Part 1), drops March 12 on Daylight Curfew. The first part of a trilogy, Part 1 will be released digitally and on limited edition cassette. Cassette. Okay, future? We’ll let that slide.

For more info visit http://dfalt.com.

Star Wars Animated Gif Storm Tropper

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