Listen To Two Previously Unreleased Mobb Deep Freestyles

Listen To Two Previously Unreleased Mobb Deep Freestyles

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Today marks the one-year anniversary of Prodigy‘s death. In honor of the Mobb Deep rapper, Havoc has released two freestyles that serve as a reminder of Prodigy’s lyrical prowess.

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One track is titled “Stay Chiseled” while the other is named “Thief’s Theme.”

Recently, Lin-Manuel Miranda released a new Mobb Deep track as a part of his Hamilton series. Titled “Boom Goes The Cannon,” the track includes a verse that references Miranda’s critically-acclaimed Broadway musical.

Havoc has previously said that a new Mobb Deep album is dropping sometime this year.

“The way I’m reflecting on it is I’m just trying to keep the legacy alive,” Havoc said about the forthcoming album. “We deserve that, and I’m actually currently working on the new album in conjunction with the family. It’ll be out there pretty soon. Before the end of the year it’ll be out.”

Near the time of his death, Prodigy was hospitalized for an episode triggered by his sickle-cell anemia. He passed away while in a Las Vegas hospital. The cause of death was accidental choking.

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