Tropicalia music and taco festival
Tropicalia music and taco festival
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Is This Track From 'Bandana' the First Time Madlib Has Ever Recorded a Trap Beat?

Madlib is a cheat code.

After years of anticipation, Freddie Gibbsand Madlib — aka MadGibbshave released Bandana, the follow up to their 2014 classic, Piñata.

The album is excellent. And the surprises come early. The third track on the album is "Half Manne Half Cocaine." Gibbs is his usual destructive self on the song. But it's Madlib, who produced the track, who surprises.

The song has two beats, with the first clearly featuring trap-inspired drums. Leaving many to wonder if this is the first time Madlib has put out a trap beat?

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The consensus is yes. And hip-hop fans all over Twitter were praising the song:

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On the morning Bandana was released, Dazed Digitial published an interview with Gibbs and Madlib. In the interview, Madlib revealed that "Half Manne Half Cocaine: was his favorite track on the new album, adding that he also loved "'Crime Pays' too."

In the interview, Madlib also talked about the future of MadGibbs. If it was up to him, their union would go on forever:

I’d like to work with Gibbs until he’s 60 – so long as he’s really with it and doesn’t pull a MF DOOM, I can’t find that dude anywhere!

Madlib also revealed that he wants to work with Migos — "Send the Migos my way! Tell them, Madlib will make them sound funky!" — and that he wants to do an album with Pusha-T, who appears on Bandana standout "Palmolive."

And finally, he spoke about the rumored album he did with Mac Miller before the rapper passed:

We were going to make an album but weren’t able to finish it because of his passing. That was my brother! I’m not sure if I can just put out the songs of someone deceased, as we would need permission from the estate. We will see on that, hopefully.

Check out the whole interview here.

Source: Dazed Digital