Champagne Duane Drops Uplifting Track "One Day"

Listen To Champagne Duane's Soulful + Uplifting Track "One Day" Ft. Saeeda Wright & Nehemiah

by Abel Shifferaw
January 23, 2017 11:41 PM

Champagne Duane - One Day ft Saeeda Wright & Nehemiah (Prod by Cee Goods)

The Guyana-born and Florida-raised artist Champagne Duane has dropped the track “One Day” featuring Saeeda Wright and Nehemiah. The track, which celebrates the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., touches on social injustice from environmental issues, economic inequality, racism, and more. The track was produced by Cee Goods with Evan Simko on guitar. “One Day” will be featured on the upcoming album from Champagne Duane and Cee Goods called The Campaign. The first verse opens with Duane rapping, “Long live the King, King, and the right thing to do/ Long live the fight for the truth/ Lets set aside our differences and set our sites with emphasis/ On giving longer lives to the youth/ Redistribute the funds/ reinstitute the fun/ Resist from using guns/ on our discontinued sons/ We in a state of mass incarceration/ Reinstate jobs and education/ And redefine global warming/ As having one heart that so enormous/ We can fire up compassion so all are nourished.” Listen to Champagne Duane’s  “One Day” featuring Saeeda Wright & Nehemiah via Soundcloud below. It’ll help you get through the next four years. Stay tuned for more info regarding The Campaign. 

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