Giveon Apple Music Film
Giveon Apple Music Film
Photo Credit: Apple Music

Givēon Reflects On His Artistry in New Apple Music Film [Premiere]

Apple Music announces the California singer as their latest Up Next artist.

Givēonhas been steadily making a name for himself throughout 2020, his stunning baritone voice has carried him into the hearts of his buzzing fan base. Last Friday, the Epic Records signee released his newest EP, When It’s All Said And Done, an emotionally charged, reflective project.

Today, Apple Music announces the emerging singer-songwriter as their latest artist in their Up Next program. The monthly initiative previously featured Megan Thee Stallion and Billie Eilish as its geared towards elevating blossoming artists. 

Months removed from his breakout moment in February when he appeared on Drake’s “Chicago Freestyle,” Givēon has gone on to stake his claim as one of the most unique voices in contemporary R&B. His previously released Take Time EP was an in-depth look at his viewpoints on love and toxic relationships. The project was filled with passionate lyrics and flawless production. After it dropped, fans began feverishly awaiting what would come next from him. Staples on the EP included “Like I Want You,” “This Ain’t Love” and “Heartbreak Anniversary.”

When It’s All Said And Done, his second EP which was somewhat of a surprise provided another glimpse at Givēon’s songwriting abilities. Upon its release, it rose to the top of Apple Music’s R&B albums chart in seven countries. Notable cuts on the project are “Still Your Best,” “Last Time” featuring Snoh Aalegra and “Stuck On You.” This EP detailed a breakup that took place years ago. On it, Givēon captured the regret, decision-making and emotional intelligence that’s needed when pushing through heartache.

Giveon Apple Music Up Next Photo Credit: Apple Music

In celebration of Givēon being crowned the newest Up Next artist, Apple Music has released a film debuting today exploring his artistry. The film details his journey from singing in a shrimp suit at Bubba Gump and for his family to becoming the artist he is today.

In the film, he’s seen reminiscing on his earlier days with his mentor Schyler O’Neal, an artist-producer. Givēon also touches on what it was like growing up in Long Beach, California amid gang culture. In the short, he expands on how the Grammy Museum program he was a part of in high school helped him discover his sound. Due to his voice switching over to baritone when he was an adolescent, he almost gave up on singing. As the years progressed he began to embrace it. Now in 2020, it’s what sets him apart within the music industry. 

When speaking on the film, Givēon shared, “This is my first time I truly spoke about my journey in detail so the fact that it’s with Apple is unbelievable. He added, "I never would’ve thought it would happen this way. This is a dream come true and it makes me extremely excited for the future."

 We’re exclusively premiering a clip from the Apple Music short, you can watch it below.

Listen to Givēon's newest EP When It's All Said And Done and watch the entire film here.