Desiigner Drops A New Mixtape Called 'New English'

Desiigner Drops Mixtape 'New English' + Performs 'Panda' At BET Awards

H-Town Representative Sama'an Ashrawi Takes Us Inside The Illmore For The First In A Series Of Recaps From SXSW 2016.

Recent G.O.O.D. Music signee and 19 year-old Brooklyn born non-stop dabber Desiigner has released his much anticipated follow up to his #1 hit song Panda, which has a whopping 105 million plays on Soundcloud. The mixtape is titled New English and was released on Tidal today. It has since mysteriously disappeared from the music streaming service and was also subsequently removed from Dat Piff and Audio Mack. Maybe some tweaks are in order? A la Kanye West‘s living, breathing art project The Life of Pablo.

Desiigner released the tape fresh off a viral XXL Freshmen freestyle about Timmy Turner wishing to acquire a burner to “kill everybody walking” in what is perhaps a meditation on the epidemic of gun violence (maybe a father stretch?) sung/rapped in a manner that resembles a trap negro spiritual. The Brooklyn rapper also just performed a lively and very active rendition of Panda at the 2016 BET Awards filled with dabs. Because what is Desiigner without dabbing?

The mixtape, titled New English has 14 tracks, including Panda, and boasts only two features. One from El Presidente of G.O.O.D. Music Pusha T and King Savage. The project further explores Desiigner yelling oddly infectious sounding ad-libs over dark and eerie trap beats. My money’s on track 13, Zombie Walk, becoming a hit. Only time will tell if Desiigner will be able to pave his way as a mainstay in (t)rap. But it’s looking good for the young Bed Stuy rapper.

Check the artwork & tracklisting below and good luck on finding the project, although it will most likely be put back on Tidal soon.

Desiigner New English

1. Intro
2. Caliber
3. Make It Out
4. Shooters
5. Monsters & Villains
6. Interlude
7. Talk Regardless
8. Roll Wit Me
9. Interlude
10. Da Day
11. Jet (featuring Pusha T)
12. Overnight
13. Zombie Walk (featuring King Savage)
14. Panda

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