Listen To Busta Rhymes And Missy Elliott's Wild New Song 'Get It'

Listen To Busta Rhymes And Missy Elliott's Wild New Song 'Get It'

Listen To Busta Rhymes And Miss Elliott's Wild New Song 'Get It'

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After announcing that she would be dropping a new song alongside Busta Rhymes and Kelly Rowland before the week was over, Missy Elliott has finally released the new track.

WATCH: Morgan Freeman Flawlessly Rap Missy Elliott’s “Get Ur Freak On”

Titled “Get It,” the song (which is actually Busta’s) is produced by Bangladesh and features raps from both Missy and Busta (Rowland’s appearance comes via a sample from “Smooches,” an unreleased track from the singer that leaked several years ago).

“Everybody know Misdemeanor don”t stop,” Missy raps. “My records don’t flop / Got the game on lock / Clock tick-tocks, six karats on my watch / Now kiss my ass, haters, kick rocks.”

Recently, Missy and Busta appeared in a Super Bowl commercial for Doritos and Mountain Dew, where the two rappers taught Morgan Freeman and Peter Dinklage, respectively, how to rap. The full commercial shows Dinklage rapping Busta’s guest feature on Chris Brown‘s “Look At Me Now,” with the actor representing Doritos. The remainder of the commercial is all about Freeman, as he drinks Mountain Dew and proceeds to rap Missy’s “Get Ur Freak On.”

“I never tried rapping before,” Freeman said in an interview with PEOPLE about the commercial. “If it came natural to me I think I would have made some money doing it. It didn’t come naturally at all. Talking that fast and trying to be clear is difficult for someone like me who is used to talking slow.”

“I had to do it pretty much all day to get it right,” he added. “You have to rehearse it and rehearse it and rehearse it and then do it for different set ups, camera angles etc. So yeah, over and over. By the end of the day you pretty much got the lip sync down.”

Listen to the track below.

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