Justin Vernon Joins The Roots On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Justin Vernon Joins The Roots Live On Fallon

Justin Vernon x The Roots Live on Jimmy Fallon

It looks like there was more in the pipeline from the Late Night crew. Watch Justin Vernon and The Roots perform a resuited, auto-tuned rendition of Bon Iver’s “Holocene” as a web-only exclusive.

Hip-hop’s adopted woodsman Justin Vernon (aka Bon Iver aka Grammy-winner Boney Bear) stopped by the set of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon for a last minute jam with The Roots while he happened to be in New York over the weekend. JV is set to go down in OKP trivia history as “the last guy to sit in with The Roots on Late Night” before the big switch-over down the hall. We were hoping for a good ol’ mashup session with music guest Busta Rhymes (still holding out for “I Can’t Make You Love My Bitch”). But nonetheless, even if brief, we have another chapter in the falsetto wonderman’s storybook friendship with our very own Legendary Roots Crew to feast our ears on. Watch Justin Vernon sync in on the hallowed Late Night stage at the 14:45 mark performing auto-tuned, Kanye-fied soliloquy “Woods,” and then again to welcome David Beckham in at 21:15.

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