Video: Kanye West "Lost In The World" f/ Bon Iver

Just when you thought it was safe, Kanye West unleashes this sexy beast of a video on an unsuspecting world, tapping filmmaker Ruth Hogben to create an unforgettable visual for "Lost In The World," the Bon Iver-featuring non-radio-single cut off of 2010's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Maybe he needed the proceeds from this winter's Watch The Throne tour to complete the damn thing, because this visually stunning collage of images is clearly a throwback to the days when people actually spent money on videos--like, Remember when Janet Jackson would troop into the desert with some giant stone wheels and a grip of male models or build a whole post-apocalyptic set-piece for her army of pseudo-fascist dancers? Like that, but the 2012 version. And on some George Michael, "Faith" type-ish, Yeezy hardly appears in the video himself,  face hidden under the brim of a baseball cap in  footage so fleeting it's almost a cameo in his own video. The rest of 4 minutes 22 seconds won't leave you disappointed though. Trust.

spotted at FSD