Told you. The prodigal player (D’Angelo) turned up as promised at last night’s BET awards and turned out an Apollo-worthy performance which used the soulful sexual tension of his classic “Untitled (How Does It Feel)” as a tease to kick of the pure feelin-james good vibes of his new jam “Sugar Daddy” (notice him putting the all-star band through it’s paces and counting off the horn hits with his fingers in patented JBs style). And in answer to the musical question posed by the opener…it feels stupendous. Catch the feeling live at House of Blues L.A. on Wednesday or D’s headlining appearance at the Essence Festival in New Orleans on Friday.

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  • yvvq

    good god

  • Downindixie

    I thought the song was too grown for a crowd that young and uninformed. They just didn’t get it. I want get some more opinions on this……..

  • rickyrose

    agreed. to grown for a mostly mindless audience. If Quest was introducing him to his real crowd at Bonaroo, this crowd was foreign. I guess he wanted to bring some energy. I thought, “Another Life” would’ve been better. That song is insane.

    • Downindixie

      “Another Life” is in another world. I pray to GOD it makes the album.

  • Vetrois

    I’m a huge D’angelo fan and I thoroughly enjoyed the performance, but with today’s music being overly produced with a lack of real vocal performances and instrumentation, I agree that the crowd just didn’t get it ( Didn’t help that the cameras focused on the stars blank expressions) fans of his are aware of what D’angelo is capable of and know what magic is in store for his upcoming albums and shows, but there’s millions more who’ve been subjected to watered down pop music and “swagg” inspired Rap songs. Trust in believe our Prodigal Player, D will bring the real back into mainstream. – Vaughn Victor

  • Dave_MC

    I agree, but how amazing is it that the BET awards isn’t his audience? Jamie Foxx looked locked in though. That dude was taking mental notes. Otherwise, blank stares and awkward dancing. Sad.

    • Downindixie

      Dude, black folks don’t listen to soul music anymore!!!!!! It’s sad. It looked like Jamie was pulling for him.

  • Downindixie

    Side Note:

    Is it just me, or does everybody use the exact same beat on EVERYTHING! Last night, GOOD Music’s beat sounded just like Minaj’s beat just like MMG’s beat. I hate that shyt Son……….

    • You Can’t Be Serious

      No it’s not just you at all, Downindixie. It all sounded the same. I can’t figure out how sounding like the next person makes you stand out. Also, performance-wise, almost all of the acts were really bad . Yelling the words, dressing like anybody you see everyday…smh…Now watch a bunch of idiots this week wear all white…bizarre

  • You Can’t Be Serious

    So-called black pop culture is in a sad state. I was thrilled to see real musicians playing instuments up there w/ D’angelo as well as Frankie Beverly’s band. As my friend and I were watching, we both wondered out loud if he can really make a comeback. To us fans who love and appreciate him, YES!!! But to the mainstream in general, no. Hell, even gospel music sucks a## these days, so his pr and marketing people have really got their work cut out for them. Too grown up & too real-pop hates the real.I only watched that sambo ish to support D’Angelo.

    Also:OKP writers, PLEASE STOP PUSHING WALE(he might be paying y’all though,smh)-He’s extremely ordinary and boring-Whole lotta monkey ish going on last night and weaves everywhere-But Black folks hate ourselves, so no surprises!

    • Dave_MC

      I’m hopeful that fans will catch what he’s doing. Every once in a while an artist can grab major sales/attention with real art (lauryn, norah jones, amy winehouse, adele – could a dude pull it off?). Plus, I’d argue that D has the talent to do things that no other living soul artist can do. No one is in his league as a musician, songwriter, or persona. Only Lauryn Hill is in that discussion. But I agree that it doesn’t seem promising.

      Also, couldn’t agree more on WALE. I don’t begrudge him his success, I just don’t see the excitement. But, to each their own. Glad that bruh is making some money.

  • D.Owens

    D’s performance last night was on point. I was lmao when they panned the crowd, the look on Nikki Minaj’s face. All these machinefactured artist don’t have a clue, they stay on that dumb down. I subscribe to that REAL SHIT!!!!!! D’s next album!! Like the last 2. Game changer. Slow kill. All these so called artist to quote Charlie Murphy in Mo Betta Blues( You Betta check yo timex boy)!!!!!!!

  • Tyrone

    D was gone way too long, the suits in LA and NY have damn’ near killed soul music. It’s like, all the real black folk in the music industry got pulled under by quicksand…Sad! The same pattern is repeating itself in hip-hop and soul. We’ve allowed others to exploit and control our culture.

  • Ce

    Doesn’t the fact that the audience was so unaware/ignorant/uninformed make it even more essential that D’Angelo performs in such spaces? Yes, BET is watered down, sugar-coated and void of music like this, but this is still Black entertainment. I actually love it when mainstream bends a little – Nicki Minaj and the 106 and Park crew needs to be confused and educated about the music of D’Angelo.


    the performance was great , awaiting the new cd….

  • Elevator_Funk

    Just bought tickets for the L.A. show and cleaned out my bank account so I could fly to L.A. to see hem on Wednesday night. I’m going to be so broke when I get home, but it’s going to be worth it.

    • rtoriq

      S’all good; that aint as bad as me who bought a whole international trip to Belgium (via london…..during the Olympics….*smh*) to see him. Ohhhh how the month of May and June been financially depressing LOL.

  • Jugga

    Welcome home, D

  • Tee

    Hey ya’ll!
    D didn’t come out with a catchy beat, goof’ass dance, pyrotechnics to distract you from lack of talent, nor was he 12 or an adult trying to act “hip”. That’s all you need to be hot nowadays. He’s a musician, strong songwriter, and musician – all 3 that are lacking in popular culture. Unless it came out now, the young’ins have no clue who’s who. or what to groove to. A generation of “my friend listen to it” or “if it’s on the radio then it must be good” ‘thinkers’. Sad gap we have here.

  • Ughh I only watched for this performance! lol turned up the speakers. I was about to just tune out sometime a while after but ended up watching the Frankie Beverly segment,

  • Forreaal!!! I atleast saw Bobby V. sing along when that Frankie Bev performance came on. What about the bit when that new R&B group of youngens, I don’t GAF what they’re called, they made a quip about Lauryn’s tax accountant. Whatever your opininon on that matter is, you just DON’T joke about someone who has made more of an influence and impact with just one studio album when your group is still on that newcommer shit. Are these the kids that sounded like a Nicki Minaj song on the radio?

  • Nikita Elmer

    D’Angelo forever baby! hands down he’s absolutely unique, nobody is doin’ it like him!!!!!! Keep on rollin’, peace from switzerland

  • OkayLover

    Happy with what D is Doing? Loved the performance. Watching BET made me wonder, “what is the defference betweem Pop music and R&B nowadays?” I know what Soul music is. It is what D dropped on us at the award show. Black music is dying yo. Maybe I should just continue wit h Jazz, Soul & Blues. Forget trying to find R&B out of this rubbish music industry.By the way, I love all okay artists. Peace.

  • rtoriq

    My my how the comments here differ from the comments on the okp boards LOL

  • soulmindz

    I saw him in Paris last January(2012!) and he was a killer! He still has his incredible voice, with his unique groove vibes, more, he did progress on it! He has amazing New songs(“The Charade”, “Suggar Daddy”, “Ain’t that Easy” and “Another Life”), I Can’t wait for the new album, now he playin’ electric guitar, his band(pino palladino, Chris Dave…)killin’it! So, yeah, D’ANGELO is really back! and take notes, because real music is back too! >Check it out, it’s the Medley I’ve seen in Paris(hd sound):http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSKPBJywFN4.

  • AM

    Yeah his performance was awesome. My Tv was turned up and I was on my feet. I was screaming like it was the first time I had seen him. Yes he is older but he is still a fine looking man. His music is great and was the other R&B guys like Joe and Tyrese. R&B needs to stay R&B. Franike and Maze always have me on my feet. D I can’t wait to see you live and I can’t wait for that album you do have a lot of fans ready to support you.