The Bullitts - They Die By Dawn & Other Stories

Jeymes Samuel AKA The Bullitts lets loose a full stream of his album They Die By Dawn & Other Short Stories, featuring an all-star cast of (seemingly) thousands. Collaborators and cameos come from luminaries in the worlds of music and cinema both, and include (but are not limited to) Jay Electronica, Yasiin Bey FKA Mos Def, Rosario Dawson and Lucy Liu. Of course we have been following The Bullitts story from the very beginning and have posted many of these songs in some form or another over the last year or two–but where Mr. Samuel is concerned it should be no surprise that there are still quite a few surprises still to discovered. For instance: Tori Amos cameo?? On “Wait Until Tomorrow” (or is that a Tori Amos chop?) Not to mention the revelatory “Stay, Runaway” featuring Doxi Jones. I think “World Inside Your Rainbow” and “Close Your Eyes” are still my personal joints, though. Listen below and pick your own favs:


  • Darelle Alan Ford


  • Dope shit. Wow!

  • j

    free download? or in stores When?

  • Alex

    where can i buy it???

  • BooBoo

    I can’t wait for this album to drop and for act ll as well both albums I will be going to the store to get a copy of and I normally don’t buy cds I just download from the internet but I want to support this good music as much as I can. Love all that I have heard so far.