The Beastie Boys Awarded $1.7 Million In Monster Energy Drink Lawsuit

The Beastie Boys have had an embattled month, as their copyright suit against Monster Energy Drink finally went to trial last week. After spending the better part of the week delivering painstaking testimonies to a lawyer and a judge –who most certainly don’t get their impact on the culture they’re attempting to preserve– the fellas have finally gotten theirs, puling away $1.7 million dollars in damages from a suit that claimed Monster used five of the boys’ hits in an online promotional video.  While the process seems to have stirred up some painful sentiments, at least the fellas are getting compensated, as it doesn’t seem they’ll be back in the studio or on tour any time soon. Put one up for The Beasties and their fallen brother in arms MCA as you bless the air this evening.