questlove x nardwuar interview 2013

We told you ?uestlove and Nardwuar were squaring off for a rematch! And now the Revenge of The Nerds/Clash of The Titans moment is upon us (we making movies!). Nard-star comes out his corner swinging and rocks ?uesto back on his goofy foot with the gift of a ‘Motortown Revue’ poster in the first 5 frames of the interview and the hits just keep coming from there. We won’t ruin the human serviette’s other dishes with too much pre-game but suffice to say this is must-watch TV for all true music obsessives. Hit play below:


  • swag

  • ad

    two of the dopest.

  • LAntsMoney

    Nardwuar wins this round ?uesto.

  • jd

    That was the greatest Nardwuar/Interview I have ever seen.

  • i want Nardwuar’s jacket!!