Exiled Twitter follower and ?uestlove super-fan, Derek Webb, has taken his plea for mercy to new heights with the release of the #UNBLOKME video – an extension of his internet campaign to get back into ?uesto’s good graces and hopefully his Twitter timeline. Webb – an accomplished musician in his own right – was blocked after complaining via Twitter that ?uest tweeted too much. Time will tell whether his efforts are successful. Win or lose, he does at least deserve a point for persistence. So what do you think? Should ?uestlove pardon his biggest fan? Check the video below.

Spotted at PW



  • His voice is great! I say forgive him….and give him a spot on the next record! 😉

  • Mike


  • Chris

    Take him back, Q!

  • adamwhitley

    That chorus is sick. How could you not #UNBLOK?

  • Perhaps this calls for a drumstick of reconciliation…

  • seriousandy

    ?uest!! UNBLOK DEREK!!! for the love already…!

  • Such an amazing song and video… ?uest hast to relent after this!

  • Andrew

    Why not ?uest…why not?

  • aubreykianna

    smh this is very disturbing he act like him and quest grew up together or some ish this guy clearly has some issues I thought I was his biggest fan but he just took stalking through the web to a whole notha level while his voice is very nice this is still creepy especially when he sampled quest’ laugh -_- HA HA