Listen To The New Prince Single "Clouds" (feat. Lianne La Havas)

After just announcing (this morning) that we’ll be getting a proper duet of releases late next month with 3rdEyeGirl‘s Plectrum Electrum and the solo record Art Official AgePrince lets loose some funky new frequencies for the heads to get with. “Clouds,” the new Prince single, finds us pondering the the lengths a simple kiss can go in the Insta-age in a proper treatment, featuring the dulcet vox of UK soulstress Lianna La HavasThe tight Lynn claps, the bossed-out bass and fluttering synth lines recall the strongest suits of His Purple Majesty, all tied together with a polished boogie bow.

As it was previously reported, the offering will drop as part of Mr. Nelson’s two-fold resurgence, which has been tactfully teased over the past few years as his deal with Warner Brothers has been hashed out. But it’s a new day in our lavender-soaked kingdom and it appears we can look forward to a slew of new sights and sounds from the master of purple prolificacy. “Clouds” comes as a free single with the preorder of Art Official Age, which you can handle via iTunes today. Keep it locked for the latest from Paisley Park and listen to The Kid’s latest offering below.


  • Jake Zero

    It is a crime to say Prince makes utter crap now but damn man… Call me a criminal.

    This guy hasn’t made a consistent work since Lovesexy.

    How can the same man who wrote Condition Of The Heart make this shite? It’s literally unbelievable. Breakfast Can wait was equally horrible. And let’s not talk about that sonic atrocity he did with Zooey Deschane!!!! UUURRRGGHHH!!!!!!

    • Matt Williams

      Slap yourself immediately. Your taste in music is probably shitty if you can’t enjoy Prince’s music.

  • slikpete

    Since lovesexy? Jake, you got some homework to attend to. Drop the zero and get with the hero.

  • I read @AndrewGouche is playing BASS w/ Prince now. Anybody know if he’s on this track? Too many FX for me to know.

  • Greg Brown

    Love it. Can’t wait for the full release!

  • SKim212

    I love it. loved it. Love Prince.

  • Eugene Coffey

    i like the song only thing the speaking interrupts the flow of the tune looking forward to the new album

  • Charles Horton