Lin-Manuel Miranda Wants To Play Spider-Man Villain Carnage

Lin-Manuel Miranda Wants To Play Spider-Man Villain Carnage

"Hamilton" Creator Lin-Manuel Miranda To Host Saturday Night Live Tonight

Lin-Manuel Miranda hopes to add “being a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe” to his ever growing resume.

A report broadcast on the podcast Meet The Movie Press revealed that Miranda apparently wants to play Carnage. That’s right, the notorious Spider-Man supervillain.

“He said if Disney and Marvel were looking at doing a Maximum Carnage movie or bringing Carnage in as a character, he wants to be Carnage,” co host Simon Thompson explained. “That’s a goal of his.”

Miranda portraying Carnage comes as a surprise, considering the jolly and charismatic demeanor we have to come to associate Miranda with. Carnage is the exact opposite of that: an insane, murderous and sadistic antagonist that in comic book folklore, has given both Spider-Man and Venom a run for their money on multiple occasions.

Miranda has been busy recently. He released a Hamilton mixtape that features a number of artists (including The Roots, Chance The Rapper, Jill Scott, John Legend and Busta Rhymes). He also discussed how Immortal Technique was his high school bully.

“He terrorized kids, he threw them in the garbage. I got thrown in the garbage by him,” Miranda recounted Marc Maron‘s WTF podcast. He also described a moment in which Technique was cast alongside him in a school play, stating: “Oh my god, I’m in a fucking play with the dude that scares the shit out of all my friends!”

Fortunately, there is no animosity between the two. Following that news Technique was interviewed by Complex where he provided some context on the past incident.

“It was a story about personal growth and redemption, and people twisted it into us being long-time adversaries. We have always been very proud of each others’ success, and we even joked about these articles with each other on Twitter over the weekend. To this day, I’m appreciative to say that we are friends, we are both staunch supporters of immigrant rights, and we will continue the fight against bigotry in our respective ways.”


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