ghost faced killah

Ghostface Killah and Adrian Younge drop the next video from their experimental cinematic Wu-pop LP 12 Reasons To Die. As with the album trailer, this video for “Rise Of The Ghostface Killah” confirms the impression that Younge & Killah shot a whole feature length crime thriller/b-grade horror flick about a mafia crime soldier coming back from the grave to press his murderers onto 12″ vinyl (or something like that) shot in a style best described as Rosemary’s Baby meet Vampyros Lesbos meets Kojak. And why the hell not? This project already has a comic book, a cassette-only remix album from Apollo Brown and like 5 deluxe box sets. I won’t be surprised if we start getting Ghostface Killah and RZA action figures behind this thing–and I, for one, am loving every minute of it. Watch below and cop 12 Reasons To Die on iTunes here.


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    Adrian Younge explained the story on NPR. It’s about a black gangster that was part of an Italian mafia family until they betrayed and killed him. They had his body melted in acetate and made 12 records to give to each of the mafia leaders to commemorate his death. When each of them plays one of the records, his ghost appears and kills everyone for revenge.