Black Milk "Perfected On Puritan Ave."

Black Milk "Perfected On Puritan Ave."

Black MIlk

Pardon my lateness, but the man Black Milk made his return yesterday. You’ll remember, last week Black Milk announced his new album, No Poison No Paradise, and now it has a firm release date of October 15th via Fat Beats/Computer Ugly. Along with the attention grabbing album artwork you see above (designed by Joonbug), the art was also accompanied by a new track off the project, “Perfected on Puritan Ave.” We’ve been getting samples of his top notch production throughout 2013, but this track gives us something we haven’t heard from Milk in some months, him rapping. More than just rapping, this concept album will entail plenty of vivid storytelling from Milk: “I wanted to focus more on storytelling and having a collection of songs with subject matters that tie into one another,” says Milk. The lead single gives you a look into that as we see things through the eyes (and dreams) of a fictional character Black Milk created, Sonny Jr. The stories throughout the album do not remain linear, as the Detroit producer/emcee explains: “It’s a mixture. Some songs and stories are told from Sonny’s older self, some from his younger days, and some from a third person perspective.” I can’t wait to hear how all of this unfolds, for now, take a walk down Puritan Ave. with Sonny Jr, below.

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