Action Bronson - "Strictly 4 Jeeps" Live At Roots Picnic 2014

Watch Action Bronson Perform "Strictly 4 My Jeeps" From The Top Of A Beer Truck Live At Roots Picnic 2014

Watch Action Bronson Perform "Strictly 4 My Jeeps" From The Top Of A Beer Truck Live At Roots Picnic 2014

Action Bronson wrecked shop live at Roots Picnic 2014. Tore down the fence. As in, LITERALLY he almost wrecked the shop and physically attempted to tear down the fence around Penn’s Landing. OKP TV’s cameras captured every minute of these extracurricular activities–which start with a wild chant of “Bron-son! Bron-son” and culminated in a hellacious rendition of the Harry Fraud-produced banger “Strictly 4 My Jeeps” and we are now ready to share the moment in all it’s fuck-thats-delicious glory.

Told you we were going to drop a breakout video of the most memorable song from Roots Picnic. Perhaps you thought we meant Snoop Dogg and Doug E. Fresh joining forces on “Lodi Dodi” for the finale (and in your defense it was pretty cotdamn memorable). But by general consensus the most-talked about moment of the 7th annual Roots Picnic was that time Action Bronson went King Kong walkabout in the middle of this set, waded through the crowd like Moses parting the Red Sea (if Moses had been an Albanian gangster from Queens, NY) and climbed the frame of the sound tent on his way to the top of the beer truck parked mid-way at festival pier, knocking aside Okayplayer Editor-in-Chief Eddie STATS as he identified the best spot for a belly flop. That’s me, Eddie STATS, and now I’m going to talk about myself for a second, since I am also an extra in this video, rendered clearly visible by my bright pink shirt (I wear a lot of pink. I had fly salmon-colored kicks on too, if you got something to say about it–but you can’t see that in the clip) as I frantically tried to get a radio collar on the white rhino while staying out of the path of it’s charge. I did not totally succeed. To be less dramatic about it, it was less of a shove–I’m not trying to sue Action Bronson or anything–and more of a half-hearted, disrespectful brush off. It did hurt my feelings a little bit, though.

Anyway that is my personal DVD extraz to this clip of must-watch OKP TV and clearly a side note to the performance, which is now the definitive version of “Strictly 4 My Jeeps” from now until the end of time. What you don’t see here is the part, after the song, where Bronaslino parkeur-ed his way over to the icee truck and verbally abused the icee lady, shouting on the mic “ALL I WANTED WAS A FUCKING ICEE”–but we got to leave something for the people who were really there to cherish. If you weren’t there, watch below to bug out and feel a little bad for the dude in the pink shirt, and if there was any doubt about whos’ the most memorable, Bronson himself settled the matter when he tweeted the monday after Roots Picnic:

“I’m always the most memorable. It’s me.”

Daniel Petruzzi – Executive Producer
Kellen Dengler – Director | Cinematographer
Allison Swank – Senior Producer

Emmai Alaquiva
Riley Dengler
Jake Remington
Kevin Ornelas
Alex Gaylon
Riley Graham
Scott Heins
Greg Scott

Njaimeh Njie – Audio Management
Imani Lindsey – Media Management
Chinisha Scott – Production Assistant
Sinat Giwa – Production Assistant
Rory Webb – Production Assistant
Christopher Petricko – Camera Assistant

Post Production by Riley Dengler


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