Watch James Corden and The ‘Stranger Things’ Kids Perform a Motown Medley

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Watch James Corden and The 'Stranger Things' Kids Perform a Motown Medley
Source: Youtube

Featuring hits from The Jackson 5, The Temptations and The Four Tops

With the rise of Stranger Thingsthe almighty power of nostalgia is coursing through pop culture at large.

And during a recent stop on James Corden’s Late Late Show, the adolescent cast doubled-down on their barrage of vintage sights and sounds, taking it well beyond an eerie Indiana town circa 1983. For their guest spot, Corden built out a Behind The Music-ish backstory for a fictitious Motown cover band: The Upside Downs. The featurette follows the moments leading up to everyone being cast in the hit Netflix series, Corden obviously losing his bid for Eleven to a wildly more capable, Mille Bobby Brown, who just appeared on The Tonight Show to recap the show’s first season with The Roots in tow.

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Anyway, after everyone goes on to be all famous and revered (Corden receding into a life of wearing suits and sitting behind desks, and the kids, well, you know) they have their getting-the-band-back-together moment and hit the stage to perform a three-song Motown revue.

Watch it above.


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