Watch Coco Mamba + Crew Shut Cat Callers Down In The Visuals For “Tell Me Bout It”

Coco Mamba

Coco Mamba

Brooklyn based artist Coco Mamba has dropped the stunning visuals for the song “Tell Me Bout It.” Filmed in Flatbush, Brooklyn, the video follows Coco Mamba and crew directly confronting men who harass women in the streets – vigilante style. “Tell Me Bout It” is featured on Mamba’s six track Out of Pocket EP. The project dropped last year. Head here to check it out if you haven’t. In a press release, Coco Mamba described the song as being an expression of, “my frustration with men who constantly downplay the seriousness of street harassment. Women are often accused of being oversensitive and unappreciative of the “compliments” that these men give them. This attitude totally disregards the sense of fear and discomfort that many women feel following these interactions – especially when they turn physical. I wanted to play on these emotions, and create a visual where the tables were turned and women were in control.” It’s an important message that is becoming increasingly discussed, particularly with the election of an unabashed misogynist as the President of the United States, a country that has a proven track record of disregarding and often actively and violently suppressing the rights of women. The track’s beat was produced by Kid Ocean. The visuals for “Tell Me Bout It” were directed by Lucas Alvarado Farrar. Originally born in Frankfurt, Germany to a military family, Mamba considers the state of Virginia to be home. Mamba, who is also a filmmaker, started Hour by Hour, a production company that originally began as a DIY web series. Watch the visuals for “Tell Me Bout It” via YouTube below, stay tuned for more from Coco Mamba, and don’t forget to smash the patriarchy. 

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