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Social Media is Flaming Cassidy For His Disappointing Battle vs. Arsonal

by Torry Threadcraft
January 08, 2020 5:48 PM

The Philly MC took an embarrassing loss in his hometown.

Cassidy is one of the precious few battle rappers to achieve mainstream success outside of the battle circuit. However, his latest battle against Arsonal on URL TV has fans buzzing, in a bad way. The two clashed in Cassidy’s native Philadelphia back in October. Before the battle even started, the event staff had to separate the two as tensions flared.

Things started off swimmingly. The battlers seemed evenly matched in the first round. However, towards the end, the crowd started interjecting. After a line about Cardi B’s teeth didn’t land, Arsonal and others onstage audibly pondered where Cassidy’s train of thought was even headed. He paused to apologize to Cardi, yet continued the verse to poke fun at her teeth yet again.

By then, the crowd had fully turned against him.

At one point in the evening, the Philly crowd began to boo its native son. Time after time, his attempted punchlines fell flat. Despite repeating them on multiple occasions, the clarification understandably had an adverse effect on the crowd.

Arsonal took full advantage of the crowd’s reaction. He paused mid-verse to remark on how well he was doing. At one point in the second round, he commented on Cassidy’s lyrical stagnancy, saying he was previously a fan. He cited Cassidy’s refusal to battle Murda Mook for $50,000. The entire ordeal is cringeworthy.


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