‘The Daily Show’ Envisions A Trump Presidency In Frightening Halloween Special

Trevor Noah The Daily Show Squareenvisioned what a Donald Trump presidency might look like and it ain’t pretty. Four years from now Trevor Noah sneaks back into the abandoned Daily Show studio to transmit an illegal broadcast to the American people, urging them to vote Trump out of office. He lists all the horrible things that have happened since Trump assumed power. There’s indoor hurricanes cause global warming has evolved. Trump replaces Obamacare with an energy drink called, “Trump Stuff.” And yeah it’s in an orange can. All black people are forced to have a machine installed on them that frisks them every few minutes. The press is banned and John Oliver, the host of Last Week Tonight, is jailed. Trump drops a bomb on Iceland because he deducts that it is the origin of ISIS due to their linguistic similarities. Women have to wear arm bands that rate their attractiveness on a scale of one through ten. Trump alienates Asia, Europe, and even tells Africa to go back to Africa. President Obama escapes with his family to Mars and the White House has a huge Trump sign installed on it. The laugh track isn’t on for the episode, which it gives it an eerie vibe. Watch The Daily Show take us four years into the future of a hypothetical Trump presidency below.

H/T: Uproxx

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