Watch Storyboard P, Jewelry Brand Height & Light Celebrate The Sun In ‘A Visual Story’ [Premiere]

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Watch Storyboard P, Jewelry Brand Height & Light Celebrate The Sun In 'A Visual Story' [Premiere]
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Height & Light is a jewelry brand that is slowly becoming a favorite among contemporary rappers and R&B singers.

Chances are you’ve seen the work of Andira Sample, Height & Light’s founder, on the likes of Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, and Bilal, as well as Lil Uzi Vert and Cardi B, her jewelry a beautiful blend of ancient Egyptian culture and hip-hop culture.

Now, her latest endeavor is a collaborative visual project with legendary street dancer Storyboard P.

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The video, soundtracked by Avila Santo‘s “Come to Me,” finds Story dancing throughout Corlears Hook Park in New York City, as jewelry from Sample’s Gathering Energy “Sun” collection adorns his body and different parts of the park.

“I wanted a location that would visually represent Height & Light,” Sample said over email. “I knew the orchestra section would be great for wide angles when I discussed and scouted with a friend.”

Sample was first introduced to Story seven years ago, when a friend showed him battling against another dancer named Drew Dollaz.

“NY street dance was a part of us all growing up and Story is the pioneer,” Sample said. “He made his battles a visual performance.”

The visual collaboration between Story and Sample is the manifestation of their creative worlds — dance and jewelry — coming together to celebrate and compliment one another.

“This project is a blend of good vibrational sounds, design, and dance,” Sample said. “You can pull inspiration from stories movement, My design pieces and the words in Avila’s song. It just makes you feel good as a blended unit and I hope it inspires other creatives to get their light out.”

Currently, Story is working on his own personal website, Art Smugglers Incorporated, which he describes as a “private pipeline to funnel my movement onto the books,” while Sample recently released a collection of new jewelry for street style and sportswear store UNKNWN Miami. The new collection includes wallet chains and key chains.

Check out images from the Gathering Energy collection below.

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