SiR John Redcorn Music Video
SiR John Redcorn Music Video
Photo Credit: YouTube

SiR Reimagines Himself as a 'King of the Hill' Character in "John Redcorn" Music Video

The video is reminiscent of Fox's beloved series King of the Hill.

SiR returns to roll out the official music video for “John Redcorn,” one of our favorite tracks off Chasing Summer.

Directed by Daniel Russell and Dominic Polcino, the animated clip pulls inspiration from the cult classic King of the Hill. The beginning of the visual features Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, Schoolboy Q and Jay Rock standing like Hank Hill and his crew of friends.

The emotional track details the story of the singer’s feelings for a woman, Neicy who is already in an intimate relationship with a partner. The clip which features SiR as John Redcorn manages to materialize the real-life consequences that loom behind SiR and Neicy’s actions. But it’s apparent the two have been lovers for years.

Since he’s so enamored by his lover his feelings seem to push him to extreme lengths to prove this to her. Throughout the music video, SiR is seen alone, then with the woman he’s singing about. He also is shown performing at a venue and massaging Neicy. During an intimate moment, they’re interrupted by her partner Ab-Soul. 

What comes next is detailed a bit in the track when he ponders why he’s fighting for a title for a situation that needs to end. During this moment, SiR attempts to visit the home of his lover and is injured by Ab-Soul.

This is a bit of a twist since on King of the Hill, John Redcorn was never revealed as the biological father of Joseph Gribble who is the son of Nancy and Dale Gribble. Basically things were taken a step further in TDE’s newest visual. The video also has a few nods to the beloved show: SiR’s lover is a journalist similar to Nancy, and he’s also a performer and a masseuse who drives a truck. 

Watch SiR’s “John Redcorn” video below.