Shabazz 3
Shabazz 3

Shabazz Palaces Blend TikTok and High Art For the "Chocolate Souffle" Video

The Don of Diamond Dreams arrives on April 17.

Shabazz Palaces have put the pedal to the metal in recent weeks. On the heels of their "Fast Learner" video, they dropped the visuals for "Chocolate Souffle" on Wednesday afternoon. Both songs appear on the upcoming The Don of Diamond Dreams album.

The video is as trippy as you'd expect from a Shabazz Palaces release. Primarily filmed from an iPhone's portrait camera mode, the video integrates filters from TikTok, amongst other tripped-out edits.

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The Don of Diamond Dreams is available for pre-order for $10 on Shabazz Palaces' Bandcamp page. The album will also be available for purchase on compact disc and cassette tape. The album is the group's first full-length release since releasing two albums in 2017. The projects, Quazarz: Born on a Gangster Star and Quazarz vs. The Jealous Machines were both concept albums imagining a dystopian planet called Amurderca.

Ishmael Butler, aka Palaceer Lazaro, took two different approaches to record the projects. Southern California-based producer Sunny Levine handled the bulk of Jealous Machines, while fellow Seattle native Erik Blood produced the entirety of Gangster Star in two weeks. Butler himself produced "Fast Learner," while Tendai Maraire joined him for "Chocolate Souffle"

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Stay tuned for more updates regarding The Don of Diamond Dreams. "Chocolate Souffle" and "Fast Learner' are currently available on all major streaming platforms.