Meet Luke Cage's New Bulletproof Villain In Season Two Trailer
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Meet Luke Cage's New Bulletproof Villain In Season Two Trailer

A trailer for the forthcoming second season of Luke Cage has dropped. The short clip introduces a new villain by the name of Bushmaster, who shares some of the same superhuman abilities as the Harlem hero does.

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Aside from superhuman strength, Bushmaster is also bulletproof, as seen in a clip where a group of men shoots at the villain, only for him to push the bullets out of his body.

Luke is introduced to the villain unexpectedly while walking the streets of Harlem, with Bushmaster attacking him while he's walking the streets.

"Harlem is mine," Bushmaster declares after knocking the superhero to the ground.

Along with Bushmaster, Luke also has to deal with the return of Mariah Dillard, one of the villains from the first season. However, the Harlem vigilante will get some assistance from Misty Knight and her bionic arm, which can be seen doing some damage toward the end of the trailer.

Although the trailer doesn't hint at it, hopefully, we'll also see Luke and the Iron Fist working together in this season. Late last year came set photos where the two vigilante superheroes were in what appears to be a remodeled Harlem's Paradise, the club that belonged to villain Cornell "Cottonmouth" Stokes during the show's first season.

A couple months back, showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker revealed that each episode for season two will be named after Pete Rock & CL Smooth songs. Prior to that, the episodes in season one of Luke Cage were named after Gang Starr songs.

Luke Cage season two premieres June 22 on Netflix.