Kanye West x Zane Lowe For BBC Radio 1 [Full Audio & Interview]

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UPDATE: BBC 1 teased us today by dropping Part 2 of the already infamous interview and proceeding to take it down. While we're waiting for it's re-release, scroll down to the bottom of the page to listen to the full audio interview.

The modesty defying king of Chicago (and in his mind's eye, the world) Kanye West stopped by the studio of the U.K.'s BBC Radio 1 for the mother of candidly derisive interviews. If you caught our preview of the sit-down last week, then you very well understand the implications of the teaser footage. Juggling statements like "I know how to make perfect, but that's not what I'm here to do" and crowd favorite "we the real rockstars, and I'm the biggest of all of them," Yeezy went in on what is no doubt the most in depth of interviews he may have ever given. The sit-down's curator Zane Lowe does his best to stay out of Yeezy's way, giving him the floor, yet prying into some the underlying ideology behind his sonic overhaul on the highly renowned Yeezus. 

Being sure to praise Ye for his accomplishments on the record, Lowe lures Ye into giving him the low down on what brought that album together both sonically and compositionally. Ye' attributes the album to him being "a production guy" who likes to "f*ck shit up," to which Lowe responds full of glee. Asked about the introductory track of the album "On Sight", Ye answers:

"This is me going to the studio with Thomas and Guy-Manuel, who's Daft Punk, and them having a synthesizer the size of that wall. This was just one session and the beat was originally 14 minutes long."

To which Lowe expresses his disappointment with the teasingly short rendition that made the album. The two go on to discuss the role legendary hip hop producer Rick Rubin played in the making of the album with Ye calling him "more of a reducer, than a producer," reminding the world that editing is just as much subtraction as it is addition or multiplication. Other broached topics included Yeezy's impact in the fashion world and how he intends to make art. Ye describes how he approached Fendi with the leather jogging pant, but to his dismay was shut down by the fashion world juggernaut. The true gem of the interview comes when Yeezy attributes his successes to Michael Jackson, explaining that MJ hit a creative ceiling that he believes he himself has broken through with his extracurricular endeavors in the arts and fashion. This segment of the interview is really just a taste of where the questionnaire is leading, so get your fix below, but be sure to check back for the subsequent installments of Zane Lowe's interview of Yeezy in the days to come.