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H.E.R. Teams Up With Chris Brown For Sultry "Come Through" Video

H.E.R. drops the video for her latest duet with Chris Brown.

On Thursday, Grammy-winning singer/songwriter H.E.R. dropped the video for "Come Through," her latest single featuring Chris Brown. Stream the video below.

The video begins with H.E.R. and a group of friends hanging out. One friend snatches her phone to hear a new song she's been "holding hostage" for a while. The rest mostly takes place in a dimly lit bar, with the two singers spotting and eventually getting intimate with their respective love interests.

A couple weeks ago, the Bay Area native spoke about using her platform for change, and how her viewpoints on her own artistry changed after winning the Song of the Year prize for "I Can't Breathe," a protest-inspired track dedicated to the memory of George Floyd.

"Our words became the lyrics to "I Can't Breathe," she said in a recent interview with NME. "It became something that I needed to get out. But when it did come out, I didn’t realise that it was actually going to be something that impacted people and that would become the soundtrack to the marching or anything like that. At first I didn’t realise activism was part of that purpose but I guess my voice matters,” she says. “I definitely feel a responsibility because I have this platform, but I think we should all speak out against things that we don’t like and things that should change, regardless of where we come from."

Stay tuned for further updates on new music from H.E.R.