Drake Shares Full "Fire In The Booth" Freestyle
Source: Youtube screenshot

Drake Shares Full "Fire In The Booth" Freestyle

Another UK transmission

Earlier this week, a trailer was released for yet another Drake "freestyle" despite the G.O.O.D. war being done and Scorpion sitting firmly atop the charts. Today, it arrives in full courtesy of BBC 1Xtra and Charlie Sloth, a UK DJ that appears to have modeled his on-air manner after some of Funkmaster Flex's most insufferable screaming-into-the-void moments.

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It's a good showing for Aubrey, though. Calm, confident, candid, and fairly safe. Scorpion's doing too well take any real shots, after all. Sloth, however, is his own show. And sometimes that means being berated with as many as a dozen consecutive knock-off airhorn drops by a man showing no apparent concern for his listener's threshold. The clip marks Drake's second cross-pond broadcast of the week, following an appearance on another UK outlet's webwaves.

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You can watch Drake's "Fire In The Booth" freestyle up top. Scorpion is out now via OVO/YMCM. Hit the link below to pick up your copy on iTunes today.