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Watch: Dallas Penn Takes Us To His Old NYC High School In An Episode Of ‘Free Lunch’

Watch: Dallas Penn Takes Us To His Old NYC High School In An Episode Of ‘Free Lunch’

Dallas Penn 2

Dallas Penn 1

Dallas Penn is a Ralph Lauren Polo enthusiast, prolific sneaker fanatic, and hip hop head. In 1985 the infamous Decpticons were founded at Brooklyn Technical high school. The group gained an almost mythical presence throughout the city. Members of the Decpticons included the late rapper Sean Price. Over two decades ago Dallas Penn joined the Decpticons while he was at Brooklyn Technical high school. Penn was eventually kicked out for his involvement in the collective, ending up at City-As high school in Manhattan. Dallas Penn’s time at Brooklyn Tech was formative. The school offered programs such as internships that helped Penn transition into adulthood. Penn goes into his history and by extension the history of New York City in an episode of Free Lunch. The video follows Penn as he returns to his old stomping grounds, the first time in over twenty years. Speaking on the vigor of youth and the knowledge adulthood brings about Penn says,”Unfortunately, when we get the understanding, we run out of the energy.”

Watch the New York City born and bred Dallas Penn take a journey into history on the third episode of Free Lunch below.


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