Bishop Nehru Reveals Release Date For New Album Produced By Kaytranada And DOOM

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Bishop Nehru Reveals Release Date For New Album Produced By Kaytranada And DOOM
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Late last year rapper Bishop Nehru announced that both DOOM and Kaytranada would be producing his forthcoming new album, Elevators: Act I & II. Now, Nehru has released a trailer for the project and revealed its release date.

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The minute-long video shows a claymation setting featuring clay versions of Nehru and Kaytranada, while a gold DOOM mask operates one elevator that Nehru eventually finds himself in.

“I woke up one night in a panic. A few moments prior I was being shaken up and down like the last drop of water in a canteen. As I stood locked in a continuously ascending and free-falling elevator, I began to think — what’s going on? What do I do to stop this? What does this mean?” Nehru narrates.

“…Life is based on up and downs, they could both happen in a blink of an eye. But eventually we get to our floor, like elevators,” Nehru concludes.

“This project is a collection of my feelings straight from my heart, all of my ideas were created specifically off of instinct and intuitive occurrences,” Bishop Nehru said about Elevators to Pigeons & Planes. “This album is my answer to the question, ‘What would you say your music sound like?’ My answer to that would be ‘Grammy Rap.’ There’s ‘mumble rap’ and then there’s ‘Grammy rap.’ With this project I was largely influenced by music theory and Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys. This is my attempt at a ‘rap’ Pet Sounds.”

Elevators drops on March 16.

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