Nas Brunch on Sundays
Nas Brunch on Sundays
Photo Credit: YouTube

Best Music Videos Of The Week: Nas, D Smoke, Syd & More

The best videos of the week include selections from Nas, Kehlani, D Smoke, Syd, Baby Keem and more. 

This week was another long one for us, but we’ve returned to share the newest videos that we felt compelled to highlight.

Nas’ “Brunch on Sundays” video is exactly what we thought it’d be. It’s equipped with hookah, beautiful Black women, and a scene that centers Swizz Beatz, Russell Westbrook, Lebron James, Blxst, and Cordae. The feel-good clip meshes perfectly with the track off of Nas’ King’s Disease II album. One of our favorite moments in the video is the camera pan that emphasizes the remarkable spread of food the brunch guests are eating: chicken and waffles, lobster, truffle fries, and more. 

Then there’s Syd who finally returns to reveal her clip for a new single “Right Track.” In the short film, the singer/songwriter is an employee in a mechanic shop, fitting for the song. It appears that she’s daydreaming about one of her coworkers, the shots are quite clean throughout. 

Up next is Lil Nas X’s “That’s What I Want,” a new single off of his debut album Montero. We noticed it had quite a few nods to the classic Brokeback Mountain (the camping scene, the seeing his closeted partner’s family scene, etc.) Outside of each of these nods, it’s an imaginative video that presents a softer side of the artist.

D Smoke takes a trip to Lagos, Nigeria for his “Shame On You” video. For much of it, he’s surrounded by local teens and kids, but he also is joined by his brother SiR and a crew of close friends.