LeBron James Reportedly Has These Four Teams on His Free Agency List

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Report: Cavs, Lakers, Rockets and Sixers On LeBron James' Free Agency List

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LeBron James has his sights set on these four teams

This is LeBron James’ 15th year in the NBA. And you can make the argument that he is still the best player in basketball.

And it’s almost certain that he will opt out of his $33 million a year contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers. The question remains, where will he go.

According to a report from The Ringer, he has four teams in mind.

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The report says that LeBron’s four choices are the Cavs, the Los Angeles Lakers, Houston Rockets, and the Philadelphia 76ers.

The big surprise there is the 76ers. But, it should be noted that the team has a young talented roster, centered around Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons. (It Should be noted that Born recently shouted out Simmons on his Instagram.)

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The other teams aren’t surprising. Bron has a home in LA, so the Lakers would be a fit. And Rockets have the best record in the league. (Also, LeBron’s best friend, Chris Paul, is on the team.)

A couple of weeks ago a report came out that he would sit down with the Golden State Warriors over the summer. However, Bron would later shut that rumor down.

Source: The Ringer

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