Philadelphia 76ers v toronto raptors game seven
Philadelphia 76ers v toronto raptors game seven
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Toronto Raptors-Fan Drake Cursed Philadelphia By Wearing 76ers Shorts During Playoff Matchup

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Drake curse is undefeated.

The Drake curse is very real. And it's something that the rapper has been aware of for some time now.

On Sunday, May 13th, the Toronto Raptors defeated the Philadelphia 76ers 92-90, to adavnce to the Eastern Conference Finals. The game ended in truly exhilarating fashion: with Raptors star Kawhi Leonard hitting a buzzer beater on Sixers star Joel Embiid.

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It was the first time in NBA history that a game 7 ended on a buzzer beater.

It was probably the greatest shot in Raptors history. One person who was overjoyed was Raptors superfan Drake, who postted some videos on his Instagram Stories. In one of the videos you can see Drake literally wearing 76ers — cursing the team that he was rooting against:

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Drake also posted a photo of the now-iconic shot:

He also might put out a new song to celebrate.