Ranking the Best Black Characters on Netflix’s 'Bridgerton'

The Black characters in Bridgerton make the show essential. Here is the ultimate ranking of the show's Black Characters.

Bridgerton is Netflix’s fifth-biggest original series launch of all time. Created by Chris Van Dusen and produced by Shonda Rhimes, the drama reached more than 63 million households when it debuted. 

To sum it up neatly, Bridgerton is about the namesake family made up of eight siblings. Daphne (Phoebe Dynevor), the eldest daughter, is on a quest to find an eligible bachelor. If you’ve already watched the series you’re well aware that she’s already found her match in Simon, the Duke of Hastings played by Regé-Jean Page. You may recognize Page from Sylvie’s Love, Roots, and For The People. The Victorian era is given a breath of fresh air thanks to Rhimes’ brainchild Shondaland. Rather than an all-white society in London features main characters who appear to be interracial. Throughout the series, specks of blackness are seen in the supporting cast members who are friends of the main characters.

Since the series is set during the season when young women are presented to society a few hiccups take place. The issues that arise also give way for supporting characters to shine in different ways. To you, these actors and actresses may not have been a part of the main cast of characters, but to us, they were significant enough to be considered so: Queen Charlotte, Lady Danbury, Will, Genevieve, and Marina. 

In case you forgot why you’re here, we want to remind you that though Bridgerton was set in the Victorian era and filled with verbal sparring, physical fights, and sex scenes, the Black cast also contributed immensely to the likeability of the series. That’s why we figured it’d be worth it to rank them.

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6. Will Mondrich (Martins Imhangbe)

Bridgerton Black Characters Will is a good friend, even if he can be a bit sneaky. Photo Credit: Liam Daniel/Netflix

Throughout the first season, Will is seen in the boxing ring alongside Simon (Regé-Jean Page). Though the two are from different social classes it’s apparent they are close friends. What also becomes evident as the season progresses is the fact that Simon actually values Will’s thoughts on his omnipresent issues with Daphne. This becomes obvious when he realizes changes in Simon’s mannerisms when he’s flustered. It’s also obvious when he catches Simon outside of a bar quite drunk and makes sure he makes it home safely. Will is a good friend, even if he can be a bit sneaky in using their closeness to his benefit. This character is likable due to how he vehemently attempts to be considered a man of high esteem.

 5. Genevieve Delacroix (Kathryn Drysdale)

Bridgerton Black Characters Genevieve stands out for how easily she fits in no matter what setting she finds herself in. Photo Credit: Liam Daniel/Netflix

Genevieve is snappy and whip-smart. As the owner of the most popular boutique in town she knows she is well-liked. Though we didn’t really get a deep dive into her background, Marina was able to smell out that Genevieve’s French origins were fake. Regardless, it’s commendable that even with her superior attitude, she’s somewhat fine with being an outcast from the same elite society she makes frocks for. It’s worth mentioning that she offered support for the mistress of Anthony (Jonathan Bailey) when she slammed the door in his face when he came looking for her. As a whole, Genevieve stands out for how easily she fits in no matter what setting she finds herself in. 

4. Marina Thompson (Ruby Barker)

'Bridgerton' Black Characters Marina Thompson Marina is a favorite merely because she never allows Lady Featherington and the woes of the times to snatch away her joy. Photo Credit: Liam Daniel/Netflix

Though Marina seemed to come out of nowhere, we later learn that Lord Featherington (Ben Miller) was so broke he had no choice but to take her in due to his debts. As soon as she arrives she’s swept up in the trials that her cousins, the Featherington girls are also dealing with as they are presented to society. But, there’s one small hiccup, that would be Marina’s looming pregnancy. Before she’s exposed, we get a glimpse into how wanted she is by eligible suitors who flock to the Featherington residence. She’s ranked on our list because she is filled with spunk and attitude and she goes after what she wants. She also doesn’t settle for scraps until she’s left with no option. Marina is a favorite merely because she never allows Lady Featherington (Polly Walker) and the woes of the times to snatch away her joy. 

3. Simon Bassett (Regé-Jean Page)

'Bridgerton' Black Characters Simon Bassett Simon Bassett can be conniving when he doesn’t get his way. Photo Credit: Liam Daniel/Netflix

Simon is quite simply a jaded Black duke. Though he’s held in high regard amongst the community he was raised in, it’s clear from the very beginning of the series that he’s emotionally stunted. Beyond that, even though his tumultuous childhood still haunts him, throughout Bridgerton we see that he yearns for deep, healthy love. Since he’s one of the most significant driving forces behind the storyline his emotions are always on display. Bassett can be conniving when he doesn’t get his way, and he also packs a mean punch, we saw this in more than one episode. This list wouldn’t have been complete without the Duke of Hastings as he provides funny moments throughout the series, but also because he sees women as whole human beings. 

2. Queen Charlotte (Golda Rosheuvel) 

'Bridgerton' Black Characters Queen Charlotte\u00a0 Queen Charlotte is regal in her interactions with each of her subjects. She ranks highly amongst Bridgerton Black Characters. Photo Credit: Liam Daniel/Netflix

Everything Queen Charlotte says happens even if it’s detrimental to a love match that’s clearly in the stars. In this depiction of the Victorian era, her word, and her opinions, reign supreme. So, it comes as no surprise that she hopes to figure out who Lady Whistledown is. Though she’s not successful at nailing her, the queen’s influence and power are seen in almost every single episode. Since she’s a Black queen in a fictional world it’s spot on that her being crowned means society is accepting of interracial marriages and relationships, that’s power. What makes Queen Charlotte the second-highest ranked on our list is how regal she is in her interactions with each of her subjects, even Simon and Daphne. 

1. Lady Danbury (Adjoa Andoh)

'Bridgerton' Black Characters Lady Danbury is our favorite Bridgerton Black Character because of the way she coaches Simon and Daphne to realize their true feelings for one another. Photo Credit: Liam Daniel/Netflix

Lady Danbury is the ultimate catch: she’s stunning, well-spoken, and always aspires for a high level of excellence. She doesn’t allow societal pressures to haunt her as many others do. Also, since she served as Simon’s mentor she knows about his demons. Instead of using this history to sneakily come out on top, instead, she uses it to help the Duke find true love. Lady Danbury is our absolute fave for the way she coaches Simon and Daphne to realize their true feelings for one another.