Sound Sense: 10 New Artists You Need to Know - September 2017
Sound Sense: 10 New Artists You Need to Know - September 2017
Source: Instagram

Sound Sense: 10 New Artists You Need to Know - September 2017

Lenny Kravitz, Grace Jones, Lauryn Hill, Lion Babe, Thundercat, SZA & More Rock The Afropunk Festival 2015 in Brooklyn, NY. Source: Instagram

A scan of the month's best feels, tastes, and frequencies

Another month, another fresh batch of buzzing new talent for your eyes and ears to behold.

Cue: this month's installment of our new seriesSound Sense, where we flip an exercise in extra-audible listening to introduce you to some of music's most magnetic new artists. They are the descendants of Stankonia, the afro-futuristic funkateers, the new-wave dreamweaversand the slept-on sidekicks of subversive visionaries. And, you know, they generally make shit that reignites hope for this and future generations of creatives.

You'll hearblond(e)d bluesfrom Tyler, The Creator collaborator, Rex Orange County, righteously-ratchet trap a la BbyMutha, hypnotic phantom loops courtesy of Sudan Archives, and curiously captivating cuts from TJ Mizell, the fifth estate, andJulietta amongst others.

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Hit play on some of the month's stud sounds and sights below.

demo taped

Sounds Like:A buzzing Jai Paul take on Chano's gospel rap anthems.

Feels Like:A red-eyed session with the priest.

Tastes Like:Swishing cheap church wine to chase your communion cracker.

Pierre Kwenders

Sounds Like:A dreamy new-waveTinariwen.

Feels Like:Wind-surfing down sand dunes.

Tastes Like:Raw, well-seasoned avocado slices.

Rex Orange County

Sounds Like:Frank Ocean sans the occasional dip into stream-of-consciousness nonsense.

Feels Like:A late-night with a heavy heart.

Tastes Like: Cigarettes and bourbon.


Sounds Like:Tom Tom Club meets Phoenix on the dance floor.

Feels Like:The moment you get too close to the sun.

Tastes Like:Poolside ros on a dry summer night.

Sudan Archives

Sounds Like:Pulses from the center of the earth.

Feels Like:A tranquil spell.

Tastes Like:Your floral, yet bitter, daily tea.

the fifth estate

Sounds Like:A '90s theme song for your favorite Nickelodeon cartoon.

Feels Like:Watching the clouds go by as you lay in the grass.

Tastes Like:A bottle of Sunkist and a pack of Starbursts.

Ted Kamal

Sounds Like: The illegitimate child of TekLife and Massive Attack.

Feels Like: A drum and bass fever dream.

Tastes Like: Licking a speaker blasting top 40 trap.

Julia Lewis

Sounds Like: Atrappy-go-lucky Travis Scott outtake recorded at Studio One.

Feels Like:WatchingThe Smurfs on shrooms.

Tastes Like:A Jamaicanpattie on Sunset Blvd.


Sounds Like: Three Six Mafia and Too $hort cured Khias aching neck, back, p*ssy and crack.

Smells Like: A dutch rolled by shea butter drenched hands

Looks Like: The first draft of the Fenty Beauty lookbook Rihanna wanted to drop.

TJ Mizell

Sounds Like: The inconsistent block boys love letter to the round the way girl who fronted on him for being inconsistent over a twinkling beat.

Feels Like:The glo up from the park bench to the foreign whip.

Tastes Like: Trouble in the inbox

YBN Nahmir

Sounds Like: Last up at a playground cipher.

Feels Like:Doing 54 in a 55

Tastes Like:Red Berry Capri Sun and a bag of salt and vinegar Utz.