LVRN And FRKO RICO's Limited Edition Reebok Capsule Collection Is An Ode To Atlanta

LVRN And FRKO RICO's Limited Edition Reebok Capsule Collection Is An Ode To Atlanta

LVRN And FRKO RICO's Limited Edition Reebok Capsule Collection Is An Ode To Atlanta

Photo Credit: Reebok

Reebok and Foot Locker recently collaborated with creative collective and music label LoveRenaissance, better known as LVRN, and artist FRKO RICO, on a limited edition capsule collection inspired by the city they call home — Atlanta.

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As a part of Reebok’s 3:AM series — a celebration and exploration of late night creativity throughout the country — the collection includes a selection of three t-shirts and one hoodie, as well as three pairs of sneakers. The sneakers — the Workout Plus 3AM ATL, LVRN Classic Leather, and FRKO Classic Leather — are the standouts of the collection, each pair paying homage to the city of Atlanta — from its accentuated gum bottoms (a nod to Georgia’s red clay soil) to its stripes (the colors are a reference to the city’s public transport operator, MARTA).

“My work has always remained raw and true to my style,” FRKO RICO, said. “Reebok Classic and Foot Locker appreciate my art for what it is and let me do my thing when it came to designing my Classic Leather. I hope this inspires younger generations of Atlanta-based artists to keep doing their thing.”

Both the Workout Plus 3AM ATL and LVRN Classic Leather sneakers also feature the iconic Reebok Classic logo inversed, a nod to Allen Iverson, who was previously endorsed by Reebok during his time as a professional basketball player.

“One thing he always did, apart from having all the sleeves and tattoos, was the headband — and he would have his headband on upside down,” LVRN co-founder Carlon Ramong said. “Everything was always anti-establishment, anti-everything. That’s something we wanted to bring to what we were doing. We look at everything from a traditional standpoint and figure out another way to do it.”

“I remember growing up, the only shoe that we had that was dedicated to our city was FILA’s Forever I Love Atlanta shoe,” fellow LVRN co-founder Justice Baiden said. “So for us, we wanted to try and create some shoes that are for the city and are a living and breathing reflection of it, and something that kids will want.”

Previously, Reebok’s 3:AM series had its inaugural event in New York City. Following Atlanta, the athletic footwear and apparel company will be taking the series to New Orleans.

Check out the 3:AM ATL capsule collection here.

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