Helluva 2
Helluva 2

Helluva is the Producer Bringing Detroit Street Rap to the Forefront [Interview]

We spoke to Helluva about the history of Detroit street rap, the making of "First Day Out," and more.

When Tee Grizzy released his breakout single "First Day Out" producer Helluva was already a star.

Just not a national one.

Born in the Southwest side of Detroit, Heullva spent years on the local scene, coming up as a rapper and producer with underground entities like Watchout Entertainment and Made West Entertainment in the early 2000s. From there Heullva established a blue-collar career as a producer, working with up-and-coming street rappers in the city, from Doughboy Cashout to Icewear Izzo. During that time he sprinkled in features with non-locals like Yo Gotti and Akon. (He was even grooming his son, Lil' Zay, who came up with his famous "Helluva Beat Baby" drop.)