Kuddie Fresh While You Were Gone Cover
Kuddie Fresh While You Were Gone Cover

Mixtape Monday: Curbside Jones x Ballhead, Budgie, chuckee, Sadhugold. + More

Back this Mixtape Monday with new music from Curbside Jones, Budgie, chuckee, Sadhugold and more.

Curbside Jones and Ballhead kick this week off with Gyakosou Vol. 1, Budgie drops The Good Book II, chuckee. delivers the second installment of honey butter beats, and Sadhugold returns with Sadhuzi. EAR.DRUM keeps momentum with Deaf Ray, Bub Styles makes the cut with Very Sucio, Muy Picante, and Buckwild is Fully Loaded.

Kuddie Fresh is in the mix with While You Were Gone, bugseed’s Pawn Shop is packed with treats, Amerigo Gazaway provides Endless Summer Nights, Ebi Soda drop Ugh and Colonel Red teams with Inkswel to close this week with Benjiman’s Ghost Vol. 1.

Curbside Jones x Ballhead - Gyakosou Vol. 1

Curbside Jones and Ballhead Gyakosou Vol. 1 Album Source: Artist

Curbside Jones and Ballhead put the whip in reverse for the bounce-heavy, boom-bap inspired Gyakosou Vol. 1 EP featuring Muma. Big up, Tokyo!

Budgie - The Good Book II

Budgie The Good Book II Cover

Budgie drops a certified heater with The Good Book II - Chuuch Preach Tabernacle. Guests include Buddy, Emmavie, Jay Worthy, Joyce Wrice, Fatima, Chuck Inglish, Nasty Nigel and more. This one’s for the West Coast.

chuckee. - honey butter beats, vol. 2

chuckee. honey butter beats, vol. 2 cover

Putting on for H-Town, chuckee. follows honey butter beats vol. 1 and watercolors with honey butter beats vol. 2.

Sadhugold. - Sadhuzi

Sadhugold. Sadhuzi Cover

Always prolific, Sadhugold. is back to follow the first two chapters of the Golden Joe series with his latest titled Sadhuzi.

EAR.DRUM - Deaf Ray

EAR.DRUM Deaf Ray Cover

Fresh off of Yesterday Is Over and the more recent Deaf Tricks, EAR.DRUM returns to drop off the "Neo Blaxploitation" gem Deaf Ray.

Bub Styles - Very Sucio, Muy Picante

Bub Styles Very Sucio, Muy Picante Cover Source: Artist

Bub Styles puts on for gritty New York City with Very Sucio, Muy Picante featuring Estee Nack, UFO Fev, Rome Streetz and more.

Buckwild - Fully Loaded

Buckwild Fully Loaded Album

Buckwild is true to the title Fully Loaded with a crazy project that boasts features from Little Brother, Rasheed Chappell, Asun Eastwood, Chuck Strangers, Meyhem Lauren, Raekwon and more.

Kuddie Fresh - While You Were Gone

Kuddie Fresh While You Were Gone Cover

Back with his latest since the outset of COVID-19, Kuddie Fresh follows Stay Home and Extended Stay with the evocative While You Were Gone.

bugseed - Pawn Shop

bugseed Pawn Shop Cover

bugseed puts on for Tokyo with Pawn Shop. The fresh collection of beats showcases a keen ear for piano chords and choice percussion.

Amerigo Gazaway - Endless Summer Nights

Amerigo Gazaway Endless Summer Nights Cover

Amerigo Gazaway’s Endless Summer Nights imagines a perpetual celebration of the season set to beautiful music.

Ebi-Soda - Ugh

Ebi-Soda Ugh Cover

Brighton collective Ebi Soda drop a major gem with the arrival of their ethereal and electric, dance-inspired album Ugh.

Colonel Red x Inkswel - Benjiman’s Ghost Vol. 1

Colonel Red x Inkswel Benjiman\u2019s Ghost Vol. 1 Cover

Colonel Red and Inkswel make a soulful noise with their collection of "otherworldly spirit songs" titled Benjiman’s Ghost Vol. 1.


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