Zane Lowe Reportedly Flew To Tokyo To Interview Frank Ocean

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Since releasing both Endless and Blonde late last month, Frank Ocean has returned to silence (minus a few Tumblr posts) and has not conducted any interviews, utilizing his magazine Boys Don’t Cry as a means of explaining his influences, favorite songs and movies, and other inquiries we may have had about the elusive artist.

However, looks like someone actually got to Ocean: Zane Lowe.

In an interview with London’s Evening Standard magazine published on September 15, Lowe discussed how he managed to get Ocean to agree to an interview:

“Frank and I have known each other for a few years. So he trusts me enough to get on FaceTime. But if [that interview] doesn’t work and it’s not coming together, there’s that moment where you have to ask yourself: ‘How badly do you want to deliver this for Frank, and for the audience? And is this going to be the best way to do both?'”

The creative director of Beats 1 Radio also added that he found the non traditional process of arranging an interview exciting.

“Deciding within a few hours to jump on a plane for Tokyo to interview Frank Ocean, and getting the go-ahead from him by text — ‘Yeah, do it, get on a plane’ — and that’s all we have: we don’t have a time, we don’t have a location and there’s a freedom in that which makes it incredibly exciting to be working in this modern framework.”

There are currently no details as to when, or if, the interview took place, or when it will be broadcast. But it’s definitely something to look forward to. As we’ve seen with some of Lowe’s interviews he manages to carry a conversation with artists in a way that speaks to how long he’s been involved in the music industry. So whenever this Ocean interview does drop, it’ll surely be one to remember.

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