You Can Now Watch Every 'Key & Peele' Skit Ever Online
You Can Now Watch Every 'Key & Peele' Skit Ever Online

You Can Now Watch Every 'Key & Peele' Skit Ever Online

You Can Now Watch Every 'Key & Peele' Skit Ever Online

Keegan Michael-Key and Jordan Peele made a name for themselves on their sketch comedy television series Key & Peele. Premiering in January 2012 the show went on to have five seasons, ending in September of last year. And although they've both gone on to do some stuff together on the big screen (this year's Keanu), we'll always remember them for giving us some good laughs through their hilarious skits.

Now, thanks to a new website that Comedy Central just dropped, it'll be much easier to revisit your favorite Key & Peele moments. The new Key & Peele site claims to be "the authoritatively and unequivocally complete K&P destination," and by just skimming the front page you'll immediately agree with the statement. The site features every single moment from the show, meaning that there's now over 300 sketches to binge over (including 176 that were previously unavailable online). Fans can also access and enjoy full episodes, GIFs, memes and an official "Key & Peele Dictionary," complete with illustrations and audio files. And, most importantly, it's all free (so you don't have to deal with any streaming service fees).

"Fans constantly ask us when new online content is coming," Key & Peele said of the new site. “And we’re really excited to announce it’s finally here.” To help you get started we thought we would choose three of our favorite sketches (it barely skims the surface but still), which can be viewed below.

3. "Soul Food"

"Sister, could you please hook a brother up with a rusty bucket full of fish heads, wrapped in razor," asks Key with the straightest of faces. What comes next is the most ridiculous meal order ever requested between two men trying to out-order each other.

2. "Obama Meet & Greet"

Watching Peele portray President Barack Obama is always enjoyable, but this sketch stands out from the others for having a simple yet well delivered execution. Plus — "Afternoon my octaroon!" will never not be funny.

1. "Outkast Reunion"

"Wassup Andre?" "Andre, who? "I ain't gon' say it man." "It's not 2,199. It's not 3,001."

Genius. Pure genius.

What are your favorite Key & Peele sketches? Let us know in the comments!