Yasiin Bey's Statements Set To Fallou Diop's Jazz

Okayafrica Audio: Yasiin Bey's Statements On Eric Garner & Ferguson Set To Fallou Diop's Jazz

by karaslamb
December 16, 2014 12:06 PM


Yasiin Bey‘s statements on the death of Eric Garner and the upheaval in Ferguson, Missouri have been set to jazz by Senegalese Brooklyn-based musician Fallou Diop. His words are pulled from the Thoughts On The Upheaval From A Global Perspective piece for Stop Being Famous and feature quotes from Malcolm X and Max Ehrmann against a backdrop of pensive jazz that only enhances the sobering reflections peppering his speech. Dense with long horns and soft drums the words and music carry an urgency and intrinsic hope that can only buoy those on the ground at the forefront of this burgeoning movement, which was spawned by a wave of injustice and police brutality. Check out the track below to listen to the full recording from Fallou Diop and Yasiin Bey. Read the full transcript of Bey’s speech via Okayafrica. Stay tuned for more.

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