Video: WZRD AKA Kid Cudi x Dot Da Genius – “Teleport 2 Me” [Unreleased]

Eddie "STATS" Imported from Detroit.

Kid Cudi in a still from the unreleased WZRD video for "Teleport 2 Me"

Practically on the heels of this Kid Cudi x King Chip joint, which took us back to the old cud, somebody leaks this official (but never officially released) vid for WZRD‘s “Teleport 2 Me”, re-establishing Mr. Mescudi as the Donnie Darko of rap with its sci-fi conceits and under-the-milky-way synths. I always liked this song actually. Not sure why this video was scrapped, perhaps the teleportation technology proved too unstable–don’t want your jump off getting her genes scrambled with a fly then appearing in bed next to you. Oh, no. WZRD is available on iTunes now.

Kid Cudi “Teleport 2 Me” from Walter Robot on Vimeo.

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