Premiere of universals almost christmas arrivals
Premiere of universals almost christmas arrivals
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Mo'Nique is Suing Netflix for Discrimination, Citing Pay Gap & Lack of Diversity

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According to TMZ reports, the comedienne cited multiple incidents to illuminate the company's discriminatory practices.

Mo'Nique has officially filed suit against Netflix.

According to TMZ, the Baltimore native is citing multiple racially insensitive incidents, as well as the pay gap along gender lines.

In the suit, lawyers claim the company's chief communications officer used the N-word in a meeting in 2018. Additionally, Mo'Nique says Kevin Spacey used the slur on the set of House of Cards without consequence. The actor allegedly complained to personal security that he didn't want "[n-words] on his set anymore."

The suit cites three cases of alarming pay gaps. Netflix offered Amy Schumer $11 million for her 2019 special Growing. The company eventually raised that figure to $13 million. Earlier this year, Mo'Nique called for a boycott, as the company offered her a paltry $500,000 for a special of the same length.

Additionally, the lawsuit cites the pay gap on Netflix's original series The Crown. Actress Claire Foy, who plays Princess Elizabeth, received $14,000 less per episode than actor Matt Smith, who plays Prince Phillip. Changes were only made after public outrage.

There is no word on the total damages sought by the lawsuit, but TMZ reports it does include an injunction forcing the company to change its discriminatory practices.