ASAP Rocky To Return To Sweden Months After Legal Battle And Detainment

ASAP Rocky To Return To Sweden Months After Legal Battle And Detainment

A$AP Rocky performs at Day 3 of the Panorama Music Festival on Sunday, July 24, 2016 | Photos by Vickey Ford/Sneakshot for Okayplayer.

Photo Credit: Vickey Ford/Sneakshot for Okayplayer

The rapper was convicted of assault for a June 30 street brawl in Stockholm.

A$AP Rocky is returning to Sweden several months after he was detained and then convicted of assault in a street brawl.

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Rocky will be performing his first show in Sweden since the incident occurred. The concert will take place December 11 at Stockholm’s Ericsson Globe arena. As Pitchfork notes, a portion of proceeds will go to local charity FARR, the Swedish Network of Refugee Support Groups.

On August 14, Rocky was found guilty of assault for a street fight him and his entourage were in with two people. The artist had claimed they were acting in self-defense against the two men who had been following them, but the court disagreed.

Rocky and two members of his entourage, Bladimir Corniel and David Rispers, received conditional sentences, meaning that as long as Rocky, Corniel, and Rispers commit no further crimes during a two-year probation period, they will avoid prison.

Following the verdict, Swedish prosecutors decided not to appeal the conditional sentence for assault handed to the rapper.

“I have accepted the District Court’s evaluation of the evidence, in as much as the use of whole or broken bottles during the assault has not been proven,” Prosecutor Daniel Suneson said at the time. “After due consideration, I have chosen not to appeal the verdict.”

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