‘An Evening With Whitney: The Whitney Houston Hologram Tour’ Set to Begin Later This Month

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Whitney Houston
(Photo by Suzie Gibbons/Redferns)
Whitney Houston

(Photo by Suzie Gibbons/Redferns)

Houston’s estate produced the show alongside BASE Hologram.

Whitney Houston’s previously announced hologram tour is gearing up to begin later this month.

The tour is officially kicking off eight years after her untimely death. According to ABC News, the dates will begin in England on February 25 and is set to run through early April. Following this run, U.S. dates will be up next.

Pat Houston, the singer’s sister-in-law and the executor of her estate shared, “Now is the right time. In the spirit of Whitney, I know we’re doing all the right things right now.” Houston’s estate is producing the show in collaboration with BASE Hologram. 

According to ABC News, the concert will include a concert set of a few of the star’s biggest songs including “How Will I Know,” “Saving All My Love For You,” “I Will Always Love You,” and more. The show in its entirety was originally created five years ago. Just last week, a preview of the tour titled An Evening With Whitney: The Whitney Houston Hologram Tour was held in Burbank, California. During the previous preview, a Houston projection was shown alongside real dancers and a live band. 

The concept behind the hologram concert was inspired by Houston herself. Years ago while on her final European tour she put together an “unplugged” section of her show, it featured a stripped-down band. Prior to her death, the singer enjoyed this version of her show so much she shared that she’d like to one day participate in an entire tour that way. 

Since Whitney was known for her vocals rather than her dance moves, the tour will also stay true to this. Fatima Robinson who choreographed the show noted, “Whitney didn’t dance a lot, but when she did her little moves, they were so perfectly Whitney,” she said. “We did lots of studying her behavior in her videos. We would study her movements, and find the best moments in some of the live videos that just really embody her.”

Following the preview of the show, Pat Houston said, “I get very emotional watching this, because it is so, so close to what she wanted. The only thing missing is her, physically.”

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