White Nationalists March on University of Virginia
White Nationalists March on University of Virginia
Source: Twitter

Virginia’s Governor Declares State Of Emergency As Charlottesville Protest Erupt in Violence

White Nationalists March on University of Virginia Source: Twitter

UPDATE: Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe has declared a state of emergency as demonstrations in Charlottesville erupted into violence. As we reported earlier this morning, alt-right, anti-progressive, Ku Klux Klan / Nazi-fueled “nationalists” gathered at Emancipation Park to protest the removal of a statue of Confederate general Robert E. Lee.

Thousands of white nationalist terrorists, as well as groups that oppose them, were seen in images and on television beating each other with sticks, bats, brass knuckles, while carrying fully loaded assault weapons. Two people have been treated for serious, but not life-threatening injuries, according to Charlottesville officials.

Former KKK leader David Duke was also in attendance in Charlottesville. He called the rally a “turning point,” saying that protesters would fulfill the promises of President Donald Drumpf.

Protesters have already drawn the ire from leaders within the community. Mike Signer, the mayor of Charlottesville, called the demonstrations by white terrorists a “cowardly parade of hatred, bigotry, racism and intolerance.” UVA president Teresa A. Sullivan also condemned the “unprovoked assault on members of our community.” With the president, better known as Quicker Twitter Fingers, not saying anything on the matter — his silence speaks loudly on the events in Charlottesville.

See original story below:

Hundreds of white nationalists and white supremacists gathered in protest at the University of Virginia campus in Charlottesville, Virginia on Friday night.

The crowd was bearing torches — similar to the KKK — and chanting phrases like "blood and soil" and "one people, one nation, end immigration" and "white lives matter." This march comes a day before the Unite the Right rally, a gathering expected to attract thousands of people. The Unite the Right will be held on Saturday at noon at Emancipation Park, where a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee stands. (Earlier this year the city of Charlottesville voted to remove the statue.)

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The makeshift march started at around 9:30 pm and lasted about 20 minutes before a group of people against the protesters showed up and a fight broke. According to the Washington Post, one of the anti-protesters threw some kind of chemical agent that affected the eyes of some of the white supremacists.

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After the incident, Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer wrote a message on Facebook against the demonstration, calling it a "cowardly parade of hatred:"

University of Virginia President Teresa A. Sullivan also released a statement, saying she was deeply saddened and disturbed by what happened:

Chilling images and videos of the night traveled all around Twitter. Here is a snapshot of what happened.

Source: Washington Post, CNN