Watch A Young MF DOOM Speak To The Senate On The Impact Of 'Rock The Vote'

Watch A Young MF DOOM Speak To The Senate On The Impact Of 'Rock The Vote'

by zo
September 28, 2016 3:34 PM

Watch A Young MF DOOM Speak To Congress On The Merits Of Voting In Black Communities

19-year-old MF DOOM was too woke to sleep on voting. Back in 1991, the infancy of Rock The Vote, the MTV and Virgin Records helmed voter registration initiative rose to household name by wrangling an A-list of politically-active artists to speak on its behalf in concert and on screen, through a series of PSA-styled campaigns.

Everyone from Bootsy Collins to Madonna lent their voice to the NPO’s mission of gaining new progressives via celebrity engagement. One of the acts tapped for the earliest round of campaigning was none other than KMD, comprised still-adolescent Onyx and DOOM (or Zev Love X, as we was known before his super-villain-of-rap days.) Rappcats has dug up a clip of Onyx and DOOM speaking to the power of Rock The Vote live and direct from the Senate, shoulder-to -shoulder with early champion of the cause, Steve Barr.

So while he’s not hear to deliver the message in his current form (likely coasting on a Caribbean island just outside his secret underground volcano layer) take it from a young MF DOOM; get your ass out there and vote this November. With a prospective Trump presidency on the line, we need you now more than ever.

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