Warren G Announces 'Regulate...G Funk Era Part II' EP

Warren G Announces 'Regulate...G-Funk Era Part II' EP w/ New Nate Dogg Features

by zo
July 09, 2015 9:43 AM

Warren G Announces 'Regulate...G-Funk Era Part II' EP w/ New Nate Dogg Features

Warren G, one of the many west-coast Gs that gave rise to the gangsta funk, might have been trying to tell us something when he and another (much cornier) G joined forces back in March with a slicked-back performance of his stone-cold classic “Regulate.” And while we were all in a heavy-set daze at the realization that Warren & Kenny G could seamlessly rock the icono-cut, it doesn’t escape us that a sequel to his debut¬†Regulate…G Funk Era¬†is long overdue, specially in a day when some of the movement’s sons and daughters are making such serious waves with their own takes on the tradition. And so, on August 6th of the year 2015, Warren G will grant many a wish, releasing that very sequel that we’ve all been dreaming of for the past 21 years. And it will be precisely the resurgent move needed, featuring new-ish takes from the late king of the G Funk hook, Nate Dogg, as well as guest spots from Too $hort, Bun B, E-40, Young Jeezy and other yet-to-be-announced Gs. So now that you know, hold tight for all of the impending gangsta-fied boogie that is surely on its way, commencing with the lead-off single “My House” on the day of the album’s release. You can preorder the track on iTunes today.

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